Breathing Space

Taken at The Robin 2 in September 2008.  A side project of Iain Jenkins, Mostly Autumn's keyboard player, the band folded in 2010 when lead singer Olivia Sparnenn took over as the Mostlie's lead singer.

Mostly Autumn

Another shot taken at the Robin 2 in 2008, with previous lead singer Heather Findlay.

They are often described as "the best band you've never heard" - go and see them, and you'll find out why!

The Reasoning

Formed in 2005, The Reasoning released 6 albums before they (in the words of founder and bassist Matt Cohen) "imploded" in 2014 and officially disbanded in 2015.

Always a force to be reckoned with, and always so full of energy on stage, they are sadly missed.

Here we see lead guitarist Dylan Thompson enjoying one of his many shredding sessions.  Yet again, this was taken at The Robin 2, yet again in 2008.  It was obviously a good year for music at the venue!