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Coming Soon...

Welcome to my little photography site - glad you could join me!  There's not much to see here yet, but I'll be adding photos and articles when I get th time, so keep on coming back to see how I'm getting on! 

Live Music

My two main hobbies are photography and going to live music gigs, so what could be more natural than combining the two? Concentrating mainly on unsigned bands, trying to give them the publicity that they deserve.

The Gear

I shoot mostly Canon gear.  I'm still using good old DSLRs;  haven't yet been tempted by these mirrorless upstarts..

I think that photograpy is more about the photographer, and the emotion behind the shot, than the gear used, but people seem to be interested in what equipment other people use, so  I'll (eventually) put some details in here.

What Else is Here?

Nothing much, admittedly!  There will be - eventually - but, in the meantime, "Read More" to see a few randomly-picked pictures and themes.


I'm an engineer by day, and a photographer for the rest of the time!  Not much else to say right now, I'm afraid!  Don't worry, I'm working on it!